Manifestation and magnetization

The Almost 30 Podcast: also available on Spotify and Apple podcastChecked out, burnt out but grounded through collective energy & brilliance of my community and people, the work that I do, my research or me-search. Thankful for all the work I’ve put in to recentering compassion and empathy within, because girl, it’s exhausting. But I am grateful.

1. We have to reparent our inner child, and reprogram our learned frameworks and limitations that were imprinted in our minds from childhood. all the voices/opinions that told you not to do something, that you’re not capable, that you shouldn’t do it, that you’re not XYZ enough. from media, parents, adults, others.

2. We have to open portals, and address mental and energetic blocks (what is actual background noise but were our main channels of information & belief that fed to how we perceived ourselves. how we felt about ourselves. we have to reprogram these frameworks, address these blocks & internalized beliefs that we are not capable. we have to make room for more, for healthy desires, ways of seeing/believing in ourselves. for abundance! we truly are capable of any and everything if we have faith in ourselves.

3. We have to be intentional in who we surround ourselves with, something they call “expanders.” They’re people who already have characteristics or things we want to manifest. 

4. Actionable steps are the tangible steps one takes to move forward. 

5. lastly, & most importantly: our self worth!!! we must embrace our full, authentic selves. We have to realize that what we want to manifest has a higher worth, and that we MUST grow, expand and align our self-worth with what we really want. (Elevation of frequencies 😎🎈)

A reminder that we are worthy and f*king amazing, and as we approach one finish line & enter a new chapter, remember your vision, intention and purpose. We are destined for greatness ❣️✨

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