We are all creators.

Creating this blog was truly, a matter of time (my journey x God’s time). So welcome to my first post, an introduction to why I created this online platform. This is not a space to share my personal narrative (well, somewhat), but rather a space to share my craft, tap into my creativity, express my scholarship and research, and use my words to uplift others. This space is about transitions, healing, purpose, radical self-love and healing, books, podcasts, spirituality and faith, abundance, shifting mindsets, gut health, hormonal acne, relationships, sisterhood, energy frequencies, basically everything I stand for and believe in. These are my thoughts, opinions and reflections — my way to decompress, and to recollect from burn out of scholarship, social roles and identities, and capitalism. While I do express my thoughts freely here, I hope readers understand and respect the unspoken rule of plagiarism & “intellectual property.” I won’t even go there because my intention of creating this blog is to archive my journey of self-exploration and healing, and as a resource for those who might need some fufu vibes, love & support. A source of faith, hope & expression; & an exchange of knowledge! Cheers to celebration of life, and healing. individually and collectively. ❤

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