1. awareness of breath: how is my breath? is it whole? is it sound? am i allowing myself to breathe, consciously and wholly in order to slow down? calm down?
  2. awareness of emotions: emotions and feelings do not need an explanation; they only need validation and acknowledgement. let them be as it is. emotions are relative at a specific space and time. if anything is felt, it is enough.
  3. awareness of thoughts: in order to allow for emotional processing and “proper digestion,” we must quiet our minds and thoughts.
  4. awareness of limits: listen to your body. pain, presence of discomfort is an indicator/sign/message that something is not right within. listen to your body. this is your soul/spirit’s way of asking for rest and to be at ease.
  5. awareness of desires: we can incorporate the 7 laws of attraction to manifest our desires. what are our desires? what is it that we want in life? what is my purpose? and how do i want to live in my truth? how do i choose peace and happiness? while desires can mean material items, i’m writing about desires as the fundamental/core tenants you wish to live by.
  6. awareness of strengths: awareness of craft. rather than focusing on improving “weaknesses/deficits,” let’s uplift and optimize our strengths and craft. look within, re-center your energy and compassion towards within. this is the shift we all need to be the best versions of ourselves. what is my craft and how can i optimize my unique talent to provide and contribute to this world, while taking care of my needs (financially, satisfaction, sustainability, fulfillment?)

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