taking a lead into faith: My spiritual awakening– reintegrating faith back into my life.

What am I letting go in order to gain? How am I making space, and shifting my mindset to abundance? I’ve put in so much work to get to where I am today. I am tired. I am exhausted. I need help. i need stability. I need faith. I need God.

As I finish one chapter in my life, and transition into the next, the feelings of uncertainty, excitement and fear are intertwined, but I showed up, and showed out for myself. And now, I will let God help me. guide me. with ease and grace.

Everyday is a new day, but today (April 17, 2019) in particular, feels pristine. Crisp cold air. Refreshing. awakening. I welcome myself to the next chapter of my spiritual journey and awakening.

With love,